This Course is for you if:

Would like to reconnect or strengthen your meditation practice.

Need to prioritize your self and your needs.

Are yearning for a revitalization of yourself

Needing to connect to your sense of purpose.

Feel dulled or lulled and would like to reconnect to your vitality.

Need to balance work and pleasure.

Are ready to step into your radiance.

Ready to reclaim your awareness, your sensual presence and your wilder expression.

Saying yes to a more prosperous state of being and reality.

Needing to come out of the Spiritual closet.

Are ready to express the fullness of your being.


This coursework is for you if :

Your creative self is yearning for development.

You are already in tune with your artistry and you are excited about expanding your tool box and horizons.

You are ready to acknowledge yourself as a lightworker that brings benefit to Gaia and her inhabitants.

You are ready to make the leap in professionalizing your business.

You are ready to return to the vibration of possibility and loving expansion.

You are ready to receive more abundantly.

You are ready to commit to yourself and your creative process.